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WILLOWDALE INFINITI Dealership - WORST Service Ever!!!!

Last Monday, I unfortunately for a flat tire on my JX35. I called Infiniti Connect and they sent out someone immediately to change the flat tire and put on my spare tire! The service was quick and stress free!

However, I then had to bring it into the dealer to get the original tire repaired and this is when everything changed.

I brought my car into WILLOWDALE Infiniti and they said they would have to take a look at the tire and see if they could repair it or replace it. After 3 hours I finally got a call and they told me that my tire had a huge slash in it can it could not be repaired and that they would have to replace it. I could not believe it thatmy tire was slashed because I park my vechile in my garage and I got my flat tire on my way to work. So how could it have been slashed?

That evening we went to pick up the car, because I needed a vehicle for work the next day and when we were there, we asked to see the tire and they showed us this big slash on the front of the tire. What a surprise!!! That was NOT there in the morning whe the tire was changed. I thoroughly checked the tire to see if there were any nails or screws in the tire, that would have caused me to get a flat and I didn't see anything! The guy wo changed my tire also checked and he said he saw nothing too. So where is this immense hole come from??? This is where my inner alarm went off and the first sign that there was something shady going on at this service station.

Nonetheless, I just wanted the tire to be fixed so I didn't question their information. Mark, the service manager, mentioned to me that they would order me a new tire and it would be there the next day and I could bring it in after 1:30. Well Tuesday came and no one called me. Instead my husband called Mark and he said that he couldn't get a tire and it is on back order and it would take a MONTH!!!

How could they expect me to drive one spare tire for a month??? How unsafe is that?

My husband told Mark that this is unacceptable and they have to get a new tire immediately, even if it meant taking it off another new vechile. mark said he would have to get that approved by his manager and finally his manager said yes and that we could go back again on Wednesday and get the tire fixed.

On Wednesday, my husband called Mark (cause no one called us to update us) and Mark told us that the vehicle that they were going to get the tire from, was sold last night. How convenient???? Another lie in the making! mark said he would try to locate a tie out of the GTA and bring it in for us. So he would call us tomorrow!

Thursday came and no call, so my husband went directly to the dealership to speak to the manager. My husband was livid! Mark told us that he couldn't do anything else and we should go back to the dealership where we bought the car. What a bunch of bull!!! And what a waste of time.

So my husband called Woodchester, in Mississauga, and win half an hour they had located a new tire for us and that we could go in tomorrow to get it fixed. That's what we did and the service was FANTASTIC!!! No problems, no questions and we got our tire fixed in no time!!!

Therefore, I would strongly advice NEVER go to WILLLOWDALE INFINITI.....they are liars and they don't want to provide the service that they are suppose to. Avoid this service station at all costs.....they just waste your time!!!

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Thanks for this review. I was there yesterday at this location and I notice that they just ignore people in their showroom.

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