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Willowdale Infiniti is the sleaziest car dealership I have ever dealt with. While the physical location appears to be new and impressive, the people there are the same scam artists that you would expect to find pushing salvaged cars in some lot in Scarborough. They have no qualms about lying, exaggerating or making false promises.

Ali Esmail-Nia is the new car manager there, and I don't understand how he still has a job. If he worked for me, he wouldn't last 10 minutes. He and I agreed on a deal, and signed a piece of paper with the deal terms. He then reneged immediately and hid from me like a weasel. The GM of the place was indifferent and unconcerned, and seemed to share the minimal ethics held by his colleagues.

I was committed to buying the car, so I did. However, as soon as I drove it off the lot, the airbag light came on indicating that the passenger airbag was faulty. I showed it to a service technician who laughed and said that it was meaningless as I didn't really need a passenger airbag anyway! I obviously take my family's safety a bit more seriously than he did, so I pressed him to fix it at which point he said that he didn't know how and would have to call Nissan to find out. It has been weeks and he still hasn't gotten back to me.

There are plenty of other Infiniti dealerships in the GTA, and I would urge anyone looking to buy a car to visit one that actually appreciates and values your custom. These guys are cheats and liars.

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